Avatar: The Legend of Korra

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Download “Legend of Korra: Main theme” sheet music

Transcribed by Cartimundy Skywalker

Game of Thrones

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Download “Houses of Westeros Piano Medley” sheet music



 Transcribed by Mooproxy

Amnesia: A machine for pigs

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Download “Mandus” Sheet music

 Transcribed by Jan Trecha


Alan Wake

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Download “Tom the Diver” sheet music

 Transcribed  by Dexpopower


Metro 2033

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Download “Main theme” sheet music (sheet by MrDanielZie)





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yande.re 142961 sample


Download “Pokemon R/B/Y – Trainer Battle theme” (sheet by Bespinben)


 Download “Pokemon Gold/Silver – Battle vs Red (Red’s/Lance’s theme)” (sheet by Devin K.)


Download “Pokemon X/Y – Main theme” (sheet by Justin Ang)




The Elder Scrolls: From Arena to Skyrim

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Download “From Arena to Skyrim” sheet music (Transcription of my arrangement by Parley42)

Assassin’s Creed 2 – Ezio’s Family

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Download “Ezio’s Family” sheet music

Team Fortress 2

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Download “A little heart to heart” (sheet by redBadger)

Skyrim (T.E.S. V)

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Download “Skyrim – Main theme” sheet music

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